Brief History information of our training center

SAMSONS SCHOOL OF WELDING, both in Cape Town and Durban have been successfully providing welder training facilities and services since 1975.
During our long and successful history we have evolved and developed a range of welding courses that achieved the following:
• Upgraded and certified the skills of experienced welders on behalf of their employers,
• Prepared and certified welding procedures and quality control standards for a variety of companies,
• Tested and certified welders for artisan hire companies,
• Upgraded the skills of people who normally worked as labourers and semi-skilled operators in the engineering and civil industries,
• Trained and supplied welders for the Sasol 1 and Sasol 2 projects and also the Nuclear project at Koeberg in Cape Town,
• One of the very first private training centers to qualify as a welder – training provider to the Department of Manpower in South Africa,
• Supplying of skilled welders to the industry.

Our accredibility in the marketplace derives from our commitment to ensure product excellence and client satisfaction. We do this unselfishly – incorporating strong family values and integrity to our commitment to quality in all of our services to the industry at all times.
Comments from our satisfied clients
“Samsons School of Welding have over the past three years at our request, undertaken to upgrade the skills (Coding) of a number of welders in the following fields – oxy – acet, chromoly and argon root. The welders on their return were tested by our Inspection Department and met the necessary coding standards. We would like to thank the above school and wish them well in their future endeavours” SHELL & BP S.A PETROLEUM REFINERIES (PTY) Ltd.
“I would like to express my appreciation for the prompt service I have had whenever in need of a welder.” -SPECIALISED WELDING SERVICES
We have many more letters of appreciation, thanks and recommendations from prominent companies in South Africa – these can be viewed at our premises.